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Cosmetic Industry Myths

There are many misconceptions perpetrated by the cosmetic industry. Some marketers will tell you that clogging your pores is bad for you, but their moisturizers contain waxes and silicones. At ASK Cosmetics, we break from the traditional mold of marketing and tell it as it is. We use innovative techniques and only the finest ingredients in our products.The bottom line here is not cost, but rather, does the product work.

Skin Care

The skin, being the wonderful organ that it is, spends its life trying to maintain its healthy natural balance in order to protect what is underneath. It maintains the body's total moisture content in order for us not to dry out completely and turn to dust in the wind. Keep in mind, our bodies are 98% water, so the skin is very important to our survival and yet we take its importance for granted. We put substances on it to improve the look and external feel without really understanding what happens to our skin when we apply these substances.In most cases, what we are doing to our skin to improve the "look" or "feel" of it, creates a whole other set of issues and problems. It is a very misunderstood cycle of abuse of one of our most important organs.

The skin needs and attempts to maintain its lipid content (its natural moisture barrier), from within. It does so by using the fats, salts and sugars we digest from the foods we eat. This is nature’s way of providing lipids to the skin’s moisture barrier and maintaining the body’s moisture content. The skin perspires to moisturize itself and to cool the body down. The skin also needs to respire or breath in order to help it maintain its balance and to allow its metabolism to function correctly and efficiently.

In order for the skin to perform its function of maintaining our body moisture content it has to maintain its moisture barrier, which is basically comprised of lipids. Lipids are different than the industry buzz word "Liposomes". Liposomes are like little balloons filled with various substances.These filled liposomes are used by the industry basically for the purpose of enabling them to combine oil and water together in a mixture without having it separate. Liposomes are supposed to be small enough to carry a substance, like vitamin C for instance, through the initial layers of skin surface. The only problem with Liposomes is that they are VERY unstable. Within weeks of the mixing and bottling of the product, they are rarely intact, and therefore rarely useful for the purpose of transferring substances through the initial layers of skin. Very few products make it out of the manufacture's warehouse within this time, let alone get used up by the consumer while they are still stable enough to have any truly useful purpose.

Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Steryl Alcohol, Glycol Distearate, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone

We abuse our skin with well-marketed skin care products containing wax or silicone. Above is a sample of just a few of the most popular, and generally less expensive, chemical names for "Wax" and "Silicone". Any chemical that has “cone” at the end of it, is a Silicone.Wax and silicone does not absorb into your skin.They sit on the surface coating your skin and your pores, inhibiting its ability to respire and moisturize itself naturally, efficiently and effectively.

So how does your skin respond to this abuse? The skin responds by trying to return itself back to its natural balance.It works harder to replace the lipids stripped out of the skin by the wax.These lipids have been stripped from the surface skin cells creating dried out skin and contributing to the clogging of your pores.Your skin is constantly working overtime trying to replace the lipids being stripped from your skin by the products you are using.

Acne Treatments

Even worse are the "acne" treatments that use extremely harsh drying agents, trying to "dry out" the pimples when they actually make the problem worse. You may get a short quick fix with such products, but over time, your skin will fight back trying desperately to maintain its balance. What makes acne worse is the infection at and around the eruption sites. Your skin’s ability to naturally fight off infection is inhibited when it is kept busy constantly metabolizing to maintain its moisture barrier (which is its main function). You now get the RED SORE "third eye" type blemishes. The more you dry out your skin, the worse it is going to get, and not just the breakouts! Now the damage to the under layers of skin from the irritation and abuse of the harsh drying agents in the acne products comes into play. These acne products REALLY dry the skin, causing even more clogging of the pores as the dead skin cells create yet another clogging layer underneath, held in place by the waxes. Even oil free products contain waxes. Don’t believe that water based or oil free means wax free or silicone free or even that they are therefore better for your skin.

Healthy Skin is Happy Skin

Skin needs to be clean. Clean does not mean that we need to strip it of lipids. Most cleansers on the market use the same surfactants (cleaning chemicals). They are harsh and strip the lipids from the skin. Everyone raves about how wonderful baby’s skin is. When a human is born the lipid content in its skin is at the highest levels that it will ever be. Unfortunately for us, from then on the lipid content diminishes. It is the lipid content that makes a baby’s skin so soft and beautiful. Our Hand and Nail Cleanser is designed not to strip the lipids out of your nails and cuticles (which would make your nails brittle by drying them out). We use gentle cleansing ingredients that leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized. It is an excellent product to clean not only your hands, but all over your body including your face.

Most moisturizing cream cleansers contain wax and silicone. Facial toners that tighten your skin are damaging to the skin and all of the skin’s purposes. Toners and astringents use alcohol or alcohol type chemicals that are extremely harsh and strip the lipids out of your skin.

The bottom line is that you need to clean the contaminants off your skin, built up from touching your face, make up, pollution, etc., to enable your skin to breathe and maintain a healthy balance.

Moisturizing Your Skin

You need to replace LIPIDS in the skin to help the skin function at its best and to make it more like the baby’s skin we all love and want. Many moisturizers place a layer of wax on your skin which smothers it. Even water based and oil free moisturizers use waxes and silicones to stop them from separating.This may give you the feeling that you have done something for your skin.However, waxes and silicones irritate.They force the skin to react to balance itself and that is where blemish and breakout problems stem from.

The more products you use containing wax and silicone, the more problems you create for your skin to correct.

You Need to Add Lipids

The only way to treat and eliminate skin problems is to deal with the real cause and not cover it up. Our products do not contain any waxes or silicones.They are rich in lipids that are absorbed directly into the skin. Many of our products contain a secret ingredient which allows the penetration of lipids into the nail, hair and skin as proven in independent clinical studies performed on our products by The California Skin Research Institute.

ASK Cosmetics uses ingredients that are naturally found in your skin. Even though they may sound like chemicals, they are lipids, salts, sugars, enzymes, etc., all of which are naturally found in your skin. It is crucial to allow your skin to breathe.Our products do not smother your skin or clog your pores. They actually moisturize your skin with lipids and ingredients that are naturally found there.

Hair Care

The myth behind shampoo, soap, or anything that lathers is that “the more it lathers, the better it cleans”. NOT TRUE!! The industry commonly uses "foaming agents" to make products lather.Most of the chemicals used for this have absolutely NO effect on how well the product actually cleans.

Don’t be concerned by the lathering effect. When you wash your hair, what you should concentrate on is getting your scalp clean. Wash with the purpose of cleaning your scalp and rinsing it well. When your scalp is clean - your hair is clean.

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