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What nail problems will TIPS Nail Conditioner help?


TIPS is an effective solution for most nail-related problems including peeling, cracking, splitting, chipping and brittleness. Many users have also reported a reduced incidence of hangnails and nail biting.


How do I apply TIPS Nail Conditioner?


Apply the TIPS treatment when your nails are driest, which for most of us is first thing in the morning. Be sure to apply TIPS before exposing your hands to water, as it is designed to treat and protect your nails and cuticles from the damage caused by water and other harsh substances throughout the entire day. Take that first 60 seconds of the day for your nails.

Apply TIPS daily to your cuticles, the entire top surface of your nails, the underside of your nails and the skin around your nails all the way up to your first knuckle. It is important to treat the area around the root of your nail, which is located just before your first knuckle. Once you are done applying the solution to all of your nails, wipe the excess into your hands just like hand cream.


When will I see results?


Results vary with different users, but generally speaking, with everyday use as directed, results will be seen within 4 to 6 weeks. However, it will take 4 to 9 months for your nail to replace itself fully and twice that long for toenails. The key to success is to stick with the program and to call us on our toll-free line if you have questions or need assistance in using our product.


Is TIPS Nail Conditioner a nail polish or a nail hardener?


No. TIPS Nail Conditioner is a conditioning oil that contains our secret ingredient. Unlike nail polish and hardeners TIPS Nail Conditioner does not contain any volatile or fast drying chemicals. TIPS Nail Conditioner will not dry on the surface of the nail. Once you are done applying the solution to all of your nails, wipe the excess into your hands just like hand cream.


Can I use TIPS Nail Conditioner more than once a day?


Absolutely. You can use TIPS Nail Conditioner as many times a day as you like. TIPS Nail Conditioner uses natural ingredients and is non-toxic. You will be able to tell over time when your nails can use a treatment. Needs depend on your lifestyle and the types of chemicals and levels of moisture your nails are exposed to.


Can I wear nail polish when using TIPS Nail Conditioner?


For best results we suggest that you do not wear nail polish, especially if you are just starting with TIPS Nail Conditoiner. If you are a new user we recommend taking at least a 4 to 6 week holiday from nail polish. Once your nails start to improve you can recommence your use of nail polish, but as always, avoid contact with the cuticle and skin around the nail. Continue to apply the TIPS solution as directed to the cuticle area, the skin surrounding the nail and underneath the nail.


Can I use TIPS Nail Conditioner if I have artificial nails?


Yes. If you wear nail polish or acrylics, simply apply TIPS to the cuticle area, the skin around the nail, underneath your nails and the skin around your nails all the way up to your first knuckle. It is important to treat the area around the root of your nail, which is located just before your first knuckle.  

TIPS is a great way to grow out your artificial nails too.  In the meantime, do not attempt to rip or peel your artificial nails off, just stop going for fills, and cut the ends right down and keep applying TIPS twice daily. Used as directed, TIPS will help you remove your artificial nails without damaging your natural nail.


Will TIPS be washed off if I have a shower, wash my hands or do the dishes immediately after applying it?

No, TIPS will not be washed off because it is designed to penetrate your nail and cuticle area and is absorbed almost immediately.  Unlike other products, which dry on your nail, this unique conditioning treatment is not on your nail, but rather it is in your nail, thus providing your nails and cuticles with the necessary protection caused by excessive or repeated exposure to water or other damaging substances.

Can I use my hand cream when using TIPS Nail Conditioner?


When using hand creams or lotions you should avoid getting these products on your nails. The waxes and silicones contained in these products can put up a barrier on the surface of the nail inhibiting the absorption of TIPS Nail Conditioner. We recommend that you use TIPS Skin Conditioning Milk to moisturize your hands instead of other products that reduce TIPS Nail Conditioners effectiveness. TIPS Skin Conditioning Milk contains no waxes or silicones and has been proven to increase the penetration of TIPS Nail Conditioner.


How is TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner different from TIPS Nail Conditioner?


There are some specific challenges related to proper care of toenails. Generally, toenails are much thicker than fingernails and the skin around the cuticle is much tougher. The tremendous amount of moisture in shoes and socks exacerbates many of the problems we see with fingernails. To address these problems, TIPS for Toes is supercharged with 33% more of our exclusive ingredient. We've also added additional Vitamin E, an oil-soluble antioxidant to reduce oxidization of the lipids that the skin and cuticles need to be properly moisturized. Vitamin E is also a natural emollient, which will moisturize and condition.


Can TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner be used on your finger nails?

Yes, of course. In fact we recommend using TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner, as it is 33 % stronger, for people whose hands are more exposed to water and/or chemical substances, for instance: parents of young children, hairdressers, veterinarians, hospital staff, kitchen staff, just to name a few. We also recommend TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner if you are on medication that dries out your nails or increases your nails natural moisture such as thyroid medications.  TIPS Toe Nail Conditioner is also great for people who want to grow out their artificial nails.  In this case, simply apply the solution daily around the cuticles, on the skin around the nail, on any natural nail not covered by the acrylics as well as the underside of the natural nail.

Does TIPS Nail Conditioner help stop nail biting?


Although TIPS Nail Conditioner is not formulated for this specific problem, it promotes cessation of nail biting by what it does for your nails, eliminating the usual nail problems that promote a biting event. Nail biting is often initiated by chipping, splitting or brittleness, any of which our TIPS Nail Conditioner will solve. If you still start to bite your nail, you will then notice a much different nail texture, which will also help break the habit.


What are the “other ingredients” listed on the bottle of TIPS products?

This term “other ingredients” refers to the exclusive ingredient we add to our formulation, which allows for the penetration of the lipids directly into the nails and cuticles, proven in independent studies by The California Skin Research Institute.  We sometimes call it our secret ingredient, as no one else on the market today uses it in their nail care products, and it is what makes our product unique and effective at treating, fortifying and strengthening the nails.

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