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About Us

Who We Are

ASK Cosmetics Inc. is a privately held company that manufactures and distributes innovative solutions for nail, skin and hair care. Our flagship product is TIPS®, The Incredible Protection System; a lipid based conditioning nail strengthener developed for anyone who suffers from dry, brittle, cracked and peeling fingernails. Unlike most nail strengthening products on the market today, TIPS® Nail Conditioner promotes strength through flexibility rather than hardness.

We promote a systematic approach to beautification through safe and natural means using only the finest ingredients in our products. The success of our products has allowed us to be the number one selling nail care product on shopping channels in Canada and the United States. We are constantly working on developing new products and bringing them to market.

ASK Cosmetics continues to dispel many misconceptions. Two of the most common misconceptions were that nails need to be hard to be strong and that proper grooming requires that you push back your cuticles.

The company's objective is to differentiate its products from those of its competitors by challenging the status quo for cosmetics formulation and leading the way in creating products that are safe and effective.

ASK Cosmetics Inc. is proud to have demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurship in a number of areas. We were the first create a lipid-based, wax and silicone free, nail conditioner. Research studies conducted by the California Skin Research Institute on this unique formulation have shown that the product actually penetrates into the nail rather than simply coating the nail. Leading clinicians have cited this as a remarkable achievement.

This concept has been further extended to our line of skin care products. Most of the company's products focus on lipids as they play a vital role in proper skin care. Lipids create a barrier against irritants and retain the natural moisture found in human tissue. For example, the cells of the skin and nails are like bricks; and, lipids are the mortar that hold those bricks together.

Our goal is to educate the consumer, provide products that are safe, healthy and efficacious and support our claims with relevant scientific research studies. Often our research has taken us down paths which have challenged a lot of the myths and generally accepted practices regarding skin care. We continue to use a logical and common-sense approach to develop products that meet our consumers’ needs.

Customer Service is a Priority!

For a small company to succeed, the satisfaction of its customers is crucial. Our goal is to cultivate a long-term relationship with our customers.
We treat our customers in the same professional manner that we ourselves would like to be treated. We give our customers a voice. Customers are encouraged to call our Customer Care Line to obtain help or advice for their particular needs, for answers to any questions they may have, or to give feedback on our products.

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