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ASK Contour Nail File

ASK Contour Nail File

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  • Directions:
    • Use the side surface for 5-10 seconds on each nail to seal the end of the nail.
    • Hold the file at 90º for square nails and decrease the angle by moving the base towards yourself for more rounded nails. If you like to keep your nails short use the file at 90º for both square and rounded as your nail will not be long enough when the file is tilted to achieve maximum surface contact.
    • If you take the end of one nail and rub it across another it should feel like glass. File any rough parts or catches until smooth
    • You should never use a file to shorten your nails always use clippers or scissors.
    • Use the extra fine surface at the tip of the file to gently file the underside of the nail
    • The extra fine surface on the curved underside of the file is designed for the top of the nail to remove any catches or burrs.

There's no other file like it! This revolutionary nail file has three special filing surfaces. The first surface is located on the sides of the file and is designed to give a clean, smooth edge to the end of the nail. The second and third surfaces are somewhat finer. These surfaces are on the underside of the wide end and the topside of the narrow end of the file. They are specially designed to remove any burrs that may appear on the top or underside of the nail after clipping or filing.

Part of TIPS, The Incredible Protection System

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