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Tips on TIPS


For best results follow these instructions and if you have any questions give us a call toll free at 1-877-275-5566.


It is important to shake your bottle of TIPS® Nail Conditioner for at least 10 to 15 seconds every time before applying TIPS®.  Apply TIPS® first thing in the morning as soon as you get out of bed. This is when your nails are their driest and they have been out of water and dry for the longest period of time and will absorb the most TIPS®. If you have your hands in water frequently then use TIPS® more often, two or three times a day. Just be sure that your nails have been out of water for a minimum of 1 hour before applying TIPS®. Simply apply TIPS® to your cuticles, the entire top surface of your nails, the underside of your nails and the skin around your nails up to the first knuckle, then use a hand washing motion to rub the excess oil into your skin. You can then immediately wash your hands as TIPS® will have already penetrated deep into the nail. Do not massage TIPS® into your cuticles, as this will irritate them and cause them to grow. TIPS® helps protect your nails from the damage caused by excessive or repeated exposure to water by saturating your nails with lipids, therefore making them less susceptible to water’s damaging effects.


Cuticle Care

You should never cut, trim, massage or push back your cuticles.  Your cuticle is a natural seal between the hard nail and the soft skin.  When you degrade that seal, your body will work to restore it, using the energy from that area for fixing and replacing your cuticle instead of for nail growth.  Your cuticle also produces the final, most protective layer of your nail.  When your cuticle is irritated or damaged in any manner, it is unable to perform that function properly, leaving your nail unprotected.  When your cuticles are left alone, and treated daily with TIPS®, they will naturally begin to recede within a few weeks.       


Filing and Nail Maintenance

Correct and regular filing will help your nails maintain their strength and resist chipping, cracking, peeling and splitting. To achieve optimum results, it is important to follow the instructions. Do not use a file or emery board to shorten your nails; use clippers or scissors. If a file can shorten your nail, it is too rough and harsh. It will tear your nail tissue and lead to chipping and peeling. The straighter across your nails are cut, the stronger and more resistant to breakage they will be. Do not file the side edges of your nail. The side edge is one of the strongest areas of your nail structure. If you think of the sides as steel beams that support a structure, filing the sides will weaken the whole structure. The fastest way to achieve long, strong, naturally beautiful nails is to start with nails that are damage-free.

Start by shortening your nails using clippers or nail scissors to remove all visible damage and then file all exposed nail edges smooth. Your nail is dead tissue. It cannot repair itself. Damage in your nail will always run further down into the nail. The longer your nail is, the faster the damage runs. It is better to lose all damaged length now, at the start, so that you are starting with healthy tissue. Attempting to preserve any of your nail’s length that has damage in it, will lead to disappointment and delayed results due to constant breakage. If the damage is below where it can be cut out, if it runs into the pink quick area of your nail bed, keep that nail as short as possible and maintain regular filing until all the damage has grown out. When there is no damage left allow your nails to grow in length.

Regularly check all exposed edges of your nails by running the edge of one nail over the edges of your other nails.  Feel and look for any nicks, catches, roughness or damage on the exposed edges of your nails. Immediately file smooth any damage found, to prevent further running of the damage into your healthy nail tissue. We recommend that you use the ASK Contour Nail File, available where ASK products are sold.  Our Contour Nail File is designed to gently file, not tear, your nail tissue, sealing your nail edge and helping protect it from peeling, splitting and other damage. Your nails are made of straw-like, tube-shaped fibers.  If you use any solid object or stiff nail brushes to clean under your nails or use harsh emery boards or rough nail files on your nails, you will pull those fibers apart causing damage that weakens your nail structure and promotes chipping peeling cracking and splitting.


Hand Lotion and Creams

Hand creams and lotions, even the ones that are specifically labeled as Hand and Nail formulas, contain waxes, silicones and petroleum products, which leave a coating barrier on the surface of your nail. These substances act as solvents to extract lipids from your nail tissue. For this reason, we suggest you apply TIPS® before applying any other creams or lotions, including all body, face, creams and lotions.  If you require a hand moisturizer we recommend you use TIPS® Skin Milk. Our Skin Milk is exclusively formulated without the lipid stripping ingredients found in other creams and lotions. TIPS® Skin Milk has been clinically proven to enhance the penetration of lipids into the nail tissue therefore boosting the effectiveness of The Incredible Protection System.


Nail Polish

Regardless of the expense or the claims a product makes, anything that dries on your nail, like nail polish, dries your nail out and robs it of essential lipids, making it prone to breakage and damage. If you wear polish, we recommend that you use TIPS® Conditioning Nail Polish Remover. Our exclusive Conditioning Nail Polish Remover formula will condition and deep treat your nails with lipids therefore compensating for the lipids usually stripped from your nail by the solvents found in every nail polish remover. Treat your nails with TIPS® solution after removing your polish.  Do not use nail polish type hardening or strengthening products that dry on your nail, when using The Incredible Protection System.  These types of products dry your nail out and are counterproductive to increasing the lipids content and strength in your nails. When your nails are properly treated with the TIPS® solution and you are using our unique Nail Polish Remover, your nails will be resistant to the yellow/orange staining from polish use.



Wear gloves when you are using any cleansers or chemicals. A great analogy we like to use is “You wouldn’t use floor cleaner to wash your hair, so why would you expose your nails to that same treatment”.


Never buff, shine or file the top surface of your nails, as such actions irritate the cuticles and remove layers of your nail tissue unevenly. The outer, or top surface layer of your nail is more dense.  It is designed to be tougher to protect the inner layers. Buffing, shining or filing this protective layer away, leaves the nail unprotected. Exposing unprotected layers of nail tissue to the environment weakens the nail structure, leading to damage and breakage. 



Be patient and things will improve.  It took time to get where you are, and it will take time to get back to healthy looking natural nails. This is time well spent. Look for changes and results in and near your cuticle, where your new nail is growing in, not at the ends of your nails where the tissue is approximately 9 months old.

The first change will generally be in the color of the nail. The pink gets pinker and the white gets whiter. You will notice a difference in the visible texture, condition and moisture content of your nail and cuticle. Results vary with different users, but generally speaking, with everyday use as directed, results will be seen within 4 to 6 weeks depending on the damage and condition of the nail and the environment the nails are subjected to. There may still be intermittent nail breakage over the next few months as your old nail grows out and your new nail grows in. This breakage will become less and less. You can minimize breakage by following the instructions to cut and shorten your nails to remove all damage at the very start of this system. Damage in your nail that you can see and touch cannot be repaired as your nail is dead tissue and therefore it cannot heal or repair itself like your skin can. All damage that occurs in your nail must be immediately filed out. You will not save your nail length by ignoring damage because any damage will only run further into your healthy undamaged nail tissue if left unchecked. Keep them shorter in the first few months and follow the instructions above for filing and maintenance. 




Need more information? Need more assistance?  Have a special problem you would like us to help you with? Call our toll free Customer Care Line at 1-877-275-5566 Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm eastern standard time and we will gladly assist you.

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